22-28 February 1943


Fog in Lincolnshire was an issue this week with operations being cancelled on 3 days. 12 Sqn took part in 3 operations to Nuremburg, Cologne and St Nazaire. One aircraft with all its crew were lost during the Cologne raid. St Nazaire was second on the list of French U-boat bases, Lorient having been pretty much destroyed and this raid destroyed about 60% of the town and killed 29 people and injured 12.

Extract from 12 Sqn Diary

WO Kenny and some of his crew who were killed during the raid on Cologne on the night of 26/27 February 1943. Sgt Travis, the Bomb Aimer is far left, WO Kenny is in the middle. WO William Booker Kenny was 26 and the son of Albert & Phyllis Grace Kenny of Wolseley, Saskatchewan, Canada. Sgt Donald Armitage Travis was 20 and the son of Joseph Armitage Travis & Mary Gertrude Travis of Aintree, Liverpool

Extract from Appendix to 12 Sqn Operational Record Book

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